Engle 100 ton machine running a 32 cavity mold on a 4.75 second cycle

It has an MS-40 model Moldshield and RMC-45 Mold Chute

This machine makes 18,189 parts every 24 hours. Prior to installing the IPS mould curtain and chute, they were loosing 480 parts per day or 2.64%. Since installing the IPS products, the loss has been reduced to 10 parts per day or 0.055%. They have 4 machines running the same product all operating round the clock. These 4 machines operate 365 days a year. Before IPS products were installed the loss was in excess of $62,000 a year. After the shield and chute were installed losses dropped to $12,600 a year. This represents an annual savings of over $49,400.